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A USA TODAY Bestseller!



The voices in her head have decided to kill her.


Most people joke about hearing voices in their heads. For Chloe Jeffries, they’re real. And as the creative force behind one of the most popular shows on television, she’s used the constant flood of voices in her mind to her advantage: fuel for entertainment.


But now one of the voices has decided it wants Chloe all for itself.


Ex-Special Forces soldier Shane Westman just wants to make it back to his ranch in Wyoming to begin to heal from the horrors of war. The last thing he needs, even as a favor for a good friend, is to take on bodyguard duty of a flighty television writer.  But once he does, he realizes there are threats at play he doesn’t understand. And the woman who has somehow begun to thaw his frozen heart is in desperate danger from a menace they can’t see, but is always close.


Someone determined to be the last voice Chloe ever hears.


"The Voices In My Head Scream THIS IS A GREAT BOOK"  ~ Rosemary M Reviews


"Exceptionally well-written romantic suspense" ~ I Heart Books Reviews


"It had humor, suspense, and a fast-paced story line. It doesn’t get much better than that! I definitely recommend this one for a great reading experience! This author definitely delivers the quality!" ~ Emily P Reviews


"I Need a Sixth Star!" ~ Best Romantic Suspense Reads


"If you only read one book this year, read this! Loved the intrigue, magic, mystery of it all! The characters and the romance had me reading nonstop to see what would happen next! And to top it off the editing was perfect, making it a joy to read!" ~ Cindy H Reviews


The Complete Instinct Series

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