• Janie Crouch

May 15-21 #LifeAcrossThePond

My #LifeAcrossThePond / #AdventuresInEurope shots from May 15-21

Esslingen, Germany - the other side of Stuttgart from where we live. When we first found out we would be moving to Stuttgart, we used a picture of the building above as our "hey, we're moving to this city!!" photo. So it was special to actually find it and visit it this past winter.

A house just inside the walls of Schloss Lichtenstein. Schloss = Castle. There be a lot of Schlosses here.

Another Schloss - Hohenzollern, this time. One of the first places we visited when we got here. Later in the year I was able to watch a performance of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" in the courtyard. A-maz-ing.

The Musée du Louvre (Louvre Museum) in Paris, with Kiddo #3. Venus De Milo behind us (and some random family) makes the photo complete.

Lake Garda, Italy. One of the most lovely places we've been so far.

"The Head" in the town square of Krakow, Poland, kiddo #4 snapping the shot. We didn't expect to like Poland as much as we did. It was lovely.

Keukenhof Tulips Garden just outside Amsterdam. A late cold caused us to miss the outside blooms, but they were gorgeous inside the huge greenhouse.

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