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Ian and Wavy's book is finally here!

Wavy Bollinger has been a part of my Linear Tactical series since book 1. Finally, FOURTEEN BOOKS LATER she gets her own story.

And Ian DeRose is definitely a great alpha hero to have a story with.

Grab Code Name: ARIES today!


Ian DeRose. Code Name: ARIES.

Zodiac Tactical is my company. We guard, protect, rescue…eliminate the threat when nobody else can.

I’ve always made sure there was nothing in my life I couldn’t live without.

Until Wavy Bollinger.

She's the artist who sees colors everywhere and greets the world—and me—with a smile. I knew I shouldn’t come near her from the beginning, but her gentleness was my undoing.

And now a monster has taken her, caged her, to get even with me.

My code name is Aries. And I will burn the world to the ground to get her back.

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