• Janie Crouch

A Love Letter to My Mother On Mothers' Day

Dear Momma,

It’s frustrating for me to be an author and work with words every day yet still not be able to adequately put into a perfect phrase how much you mean to me. Not only to me, but to so many others – those who call you Mom, because you’re a mom of their heart, a presence of wisdom in their lives, a source of love.

But I’m the lucky one because you’re all those things to me, plus the same mommy who kissed my boo-boos and changed my diapers. Who prayed for me, and waited up for me as I was coming home from dates. Who helped with homework and gathered the family for dinner every night.

And who listened. Didn’t always understand what I was saying, but always tried to listen. Even during my difficult years from around thirteen to…well, present day.

A lot of people are tough. They face the world unflinchingly and fight it out when needed. I’m that way. But being tough is easy.

Compared to being strong.

A strong person stands firm in her beliefs and faith while loving those around her. A strong person doesn’t need to draw attention to herself or demand thanks. A strong person thinks of others first, shines light into darkness and speaks hope into situations where hope seems lost.

You are the strongest person I know. You are my hero. My heroine. You are my mother.

And I am blessed.

I love you,


(Originally posted on the Harlequin.com Blog: http://harlequinblog.com/?p=24219)