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the penumbra chronicles

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A thrilling new dystopian romance with the same protector

hero feels you get from all of Janie's books...


In a world where the only people left are the genetically modified, a warrior falls in love with the woman he’s compelled to kill.


Penumbra, the ruling force that took charge after a genetic plague wiped out most of the world’s population, reigns with an iron scalpel. People have a choice: undergo the genetic modifications Penumbra deems best...


Or be executed. 


Those who live outside Penumbra’s rule have only one hope of survival. A man who calls himself Ten—a brutal Penumbra warrior they liberated.


But Ten is the first to admit he’s no hero. Every day he fights the pull of his gen-mods to remain a man rather than revert back to the unfeeling monster Penumbra made him.


Sometimes the monster wins and innocent people around him get hurt. Including Ava, the 

woman who, despite what she suffered at his hands, believes he’s worth saving. 


She has a gift that helps Ten in his battle against himself. But using it hurts her and puts her in danger—from him and from Penumbra.


Ten won’t let her use her gift to save him. He’s not worth it. 


But what if her gift is the only thing that can save them all? 



coming soon


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