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Zodiac Tactical: Believe in Heroes

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My code name is Virgo. The stars say I’m practical, honest, stubborn as hell. 


Guilty as charged. 


Zodiac Tactical is the company that gave me a second chance. We guard, protect, rescue...eliminate the threat when nobody else can. And as a former SEAL, I’m good at those things. Good with weapons, good with missions. 


But with people...not so good. 


So when a gruesome enemy takes Bronwyn Rourke, one of Zodiac’s newest young recruits—with blue eyes that take up nearly her whole damn face—I shouldn’t take it personally. Shouldn’t allow her to consume my every thought and become my only mission. 


They took her because they thought she was alone. Easy prey. That no one would fight for her. 


They were wrong. 


My code name is Virgo.  And I will grind my enemy to dust to bring her home.



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