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Meant to be read after Book 1, (Special Forces Savior).
Free online novella available HERE



Omega Sector: Critical Response agent Aidan Killock is back in Colombia to finish what he started. Fifteen months ago, Najita Fowles provided intel on one of the world's deadliest drug cartels. Seducing her wasn't part of his mission. Until passion ignited…and turning back wasn't an option. Now the stakes are much higher. But Aidan won't give up on this op, even if it means going off the grid to get the exotic beauty out alive.


Trapped inside the Belisario compound, Najita had given up on any hope of rescue. Now that Aidan knows her true identity, it's far more dangerous for both of them. But the undercover operative doesn't know that the real reason she must stay behind isn't just for her own safety. It's for the safety of the infant son Aidan has no idea is his…

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