• Janie Crouch

Janie & Megan & Stupid... A Love Story

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

My partner in crime for the FIRE & ICE ULTRAMARATHON is definitely the best part about this adventure.

This probably won't be exciting to anyone, but I wanted to give proof of the long line of bad-decision-making we come from. ❤️

Megan and I have known each other for over 20 years. We lived in the same neighborhood when our kids were young...her daughters were the first (and only) people to ever call me a princess. To this day, I'm still Princess Janie to them.

So here it is, in all its glory: Megan & Janie & all our stupid.

October 2011

Hey! Wanna do the world's hardest obstacle course...including swimming through a vat of ice and getting shocked by 10,000-volt wires?

Tough Mudder VA


January 2012

Hey! Wanna run in a 200-mile relay with 10 other people and sleep in vans, going from Miami to Key West then dance the night away on Duval Street?

Ragnar Key West • Team: "Zombies are Everywhere"


November 2012

Hey! How about another 200 mile relay, but dancing the night away in Vegas this time!

Ragnar Vegas • Team: "World's Dumbest Road Trip"


January 2013

Hey! Miami to KW again? Sunshine, vans, 200 miles and dancing all night at the end?

Ragnar Key West • Team: "Cobra Kai"


April 2013

Hey! I kinda miss those 10,000 volt wires...

Tough Mudder Ohio


June 2013

Hey! Same race different state?

Ragnar Chicago • Team: "Where'd the Cheese Go?"


September 2013

Hey, I thought of something! Let's do a 200-mile relay but with only SIX people, instead of TWELVE!!!

Ragnar DC ULTRA • Team: "Fast Girls Have Good Times"


November 2014

OMG HEY! I know we've never done a triathlon before, but LET'S SIGN UP FOR AN IRONMAN!

2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run...all in one day!

Ironman Florida


November 2015

HEY! Marathon in the greatest city in the world. You & me, babe, how about it?

NYC Marathon


December 2017

HEY! Let's do an 11-day hike through the Himalayas, at elevations 3x the height of Denver and almost die! You in?

(Read about this stupid starting HERE)

Mt. Everest Base Camp


August 2019

Heyheyheyhey! Neither of us like to camp and we've never done an ultramarathon. LET'S GO RUN ACROSS ICELAND??

Fire & Ice Ultramarathon