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Everest Base Camp Trek (Day 6 - Acclimatization day in Pheriche)

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Day 6 - Merry Christmas from the Himalayas!

Went up to a small overlook at around 15,000 feet then came back down to Pheriche (14k) for our second night tonight. Hopefully rest will be a little easier since we’ve been here a while now. Last night, no panic attacks (hooray!) but no one is sleeping very well, eating well or feeling well. Just a by-product of life at this altitude.

It’s always a joy when you walk fifteen steps up the path and have to stop to take a breath so you don’t die, only to be passed by porters/sherpas who are carrying 10x more weight than you and not struggling at all.

And yes, I’ve already wondered if I could get a porter to carry me.

I’m watching Kiddo closely because the wear and tear of the trip are beginning to show on her...really on us all. Only so many days your body can take stressors from so many directions without kicking back. But if she can make it just two more days then she’ll make it to base camp. But two days is a long time up here.

And, we met a young, fit, 20-something guy today on his way back down from where we’re going tomorrow. He had to turn back because he was feeling so bad. Did not encourage us.

Tomorrow we head to the village of Lobouche, elevation of 16,200 ft. That only strikes a little bit of fear into my heart.

We walked from all the way down there (and that was only half way!) for our Christmas acclimatization trek

Junior Mints and Poptarts - Christmas Presents

On top of the world - one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip

Not feeling well and napping after our hike. This trip is not easy

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