• Janie Crouch

Everest Base Camp Trek (Day 3 - Second Day in Namche)

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Hike high, rest low. Second day in Namche.

Today was an acclimatization day, so we went up 1300 feet (took about two hours) to a nearby scenic area. Shorter, but still brutal. We were up there for about an hour before coming down—giving our bodies a taste of what’s to come tomorrow, but not staying up there too long.

Between the altitude and the cold, we’re burning calories faster than we can replenish them. Plus we have very little appetite, which makes everything a vicious circle. I’ve decided to treat this like I did in my Ironman race: kiddo and I are going to start eating a little every 20 mins—even if it’s just a cracker or a few peanuts. Hopefully this will keep our blood sugar a little more even.

Our current town, Namche, is the last of the towns with wired electricity. No heat or hot water in the rooms here, but at least had lights. From here out, everything is solar paneled powered...we’ll see how that goes. Someone brilliant has realized there was money to be made by providing WiFi to trekkers even further up...but if there are no more posts from me for the next week it’s an even split likelihood between no working WiFi and dead due to unfortunate yak attack.

Climbing higher to acclimatize-- about an extra 1500 feet.

Pancakes and oatmeal: breakfast of champions

Town is WAAAAAAYYYYY on down below us

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