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Stupid Evidently is Hereditary

Anybody remember this? The time I ran a two hundred mile relay race with a group of strangers? IN A TUTU?

Or this? Me running through live wires (some of them up to 10,000 volts) in the final barrier of an obstacle race.

And all the rest of my crazy life:

Adventuring is my passion. New escapades. New experiences. Stretching myself outside my comfort zone. Of course, many of my friends and family members say it’s more of a propensity towards stupid than it is actually adventuring. (Ahem, what do they know?)

So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my eldest daughter, when given the choice between helping her buy a car for high school graduation or going on a trip, chose the trip.

What surprised me is the place she chose. This is my gorgeous daughter, by the way:

So, honestly, I thought I would be going to Hong Kong or Sydney or Argentina. Somewhere involving hotels with room service. Because… well, look at her.

Mt. Everest Base Camp. Yeah, that’s right. Everest. In Nepal. The Himalayas.

It’s not quite as stupid as it sounds (we’re not going to the top—there’s no climbing or oxygen masks involved), but it’s still pretty stupid.

We will fly into Kathmandu, Nepal, and then proceed to hike through seven different villages on our way to an altitude of 17,600 feet. We’ll walk five or six hours each day, at a slow pace in order to avoid altitude sickness, over two weeks. We’ll stay at tea houses in local villages, visit monasteries, and avoid yak accidents (the number one cause of death on Everest treks).

So yeah, I’ve trading in my running shoes for hiking boots. At least for the time being.

Right now we are T Minus 9 weeks until we leave. We’re going over Christmas Break. I’ll be posting here each week about our trip: info the different villages, what's involved, packing, and my general sense of impending doom... I mean, er... thoughts on this latest trip. And then, of course, lots of updates while we're in Nepal. I hope you’ll follow along with us.

Looking at my gorgeous daughter, so excited about this journey of a lifetime, I can’t help but be glad that the adventure apple doesn’t fall from the stupid tree.

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