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Zodiac Tactical: Believe in Heroes

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My code name is Pisces. The stars say I’m independent, wise, and intuitive.


Still waters run deep. 


I’m the leader of Zodiac Tactical’s guardian unit.  We’re the bodyguards—the ones who stand toe to toe with danger and refuse to give any ground. We protect people who need it most.


But what if who needs it most is a spoiled diva?


I don’t normally take on movie stars. I don’t have time for the drama nor their self-centered lifestyle. If they don’t take their safety seriously, how can I?


But there’s something different about Alyse Peterson. On the outside America’s Glamor Princess is everything I want to avoid. But behind her perfect smile and sapphire eyes is a heartbreak she’s hiding from everyone. 


She has secrets. And a stalker willing to kill to get to them.


My code name is Pisces. And anybody who wants to get to her, will have to go through me.




Coming soon