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Months trapped in the clutches of a madman made Jenna Franklin a shell of the woman she once was. All she can do now is use her computer genius from inside the safety of closed doors. 


Even two years later, going outside = blood-freezing panic.


She’s made herself a haven in the only place she’s felt safe since her captivity: Oak Creek, Wyoming—home of her Linear Tactical friends. They don’t realize the extent of her emotional trauma, but at least she knows she can trust them.


Only one person knows the truth about the fragile mental state she’s hiding: Zodiac agent, Mark Outlawson—code name: Outlaw. 


He’s witnessed her panic firsthand. Knows what it does to her.


When info on a human trafficking group—one connected to her own captivity—comes to light, it’s clear only Jenna’s expertise can stop them. Mark will have to prove Jenna can trust him—to keep her secrets, to protect her, to help fight her demons.


He’ll prove this outlaw is a hero. 



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