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Air Force Combat Controller Derek Bollinger knows what it is to feel that every breath might be his last. Enduring hell in an enemy prison for five weeks taught him that. 


The only thing that got him through it was the thought of his family, his hometown of Oak Creek, Wyoming, and especially of Becky Mackay. 


He survived, but with blood on his hands. His own. His friends’ who died beside him. His enemies’. 


And then...Becky’s.


A night that should’ve been perfect for them both turned into a nightmare Derek can never wake up from, leaving him with only one option: staying the hell away.


But Becky has almost lost the man she loves too many times—first to that prison camp, then to his own demons.  She’s not going to lose him again.


Yes, that night between them changed everything. Changed her. But change isn’t always a bad thing. And it’s time for them to stand together to face his PTSD and their future. 


Especially when an unexpected danger comes after them both. Together will be the only way to survive.

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