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Zodiac Tactical: Believe in Heroes

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The long-awaited new series starts off with the story of Ian DeRose & Waverly Bollinger.

My code name is Aries. The stars say I’m aggressive, dominant, first in line to lead.

The stars aren’t wrong.

Zodiac Tactical is my company. It’s run by those I’ve chosen for their skills and ability to outmaneuver adversaries. We guard, protect, rescue…assist on the side of the angels.

We eliminate the threat when nobody else can.

My pastime of putting bad guys out of business has created powerful enemies, but I’ve always made sure there was nothing in my life I couldn’t live without.

Until now. Until her.

She’s not a warrior, she’s an artist. She sees colors everywhere and greets the world—and me—with a smile. I knew I shouldn’t come near her from the beginning, but she’s everything I’ve never been able to be.

And now a monster has taken her, caged her, to get even with me.

My code name is Aries. And I will burn the world to the ground to get her back.




"WOW! Words can't do this book justice. You'll experience the full gamut of emotions...all the angst, terror, pain, and, of course, lust, love and happily ever after! ★★★★★" ~ K2 Reviews


"★★★★★ I had to catch my breath, put my hand on my heart and say 'Janie, Janie, Janie, what are you doing to me!'" ~ Cherlym Reviews

"★★★★★ Code Name: Aries is filled with suspense, danger, romance, heartbreak, friendship, strength, and healing... The relationship between Wavy and Ian hit my soul." ~ Lulubelle Reviews

"I absolutely loved this story! ...pulled me in from beginning to end. ★★★★★" ~ Lexee Toste Vine Voice Review

"Wow. Like, seriously, wow. I feel like I’m breathless and my heart was broken reading these pages, but Ms. Crouch did such a fantastic job of putting it back together. ★★★★★" ~ Jessica N Reviews

"★★★★★ WOW! I sacrificed sleep for this book. I just couldn't put it down." TRRN Reviews

"★★★★★ Deserves more than five stars!!!" ~ Jen E. Reviews

"Nail bitting intensity...heart pounding suspense...undying love...an amazing read! ★★★★★" Patti Reviews

"I cried for so many different reasons but it was worth every tear to see it to the end. ★★★★★" ~ dbbooknerd 

"★★★★★ WOW what an ending! I did not see that one coming; best ending ever." ~ DJC Reviews

"Just when I think Janie Crouch has written her best, she goes and writes a book so much more than that. Intrigue, suspense and romantic. ★★★★★ " ~ Kristen J Reviews

"Oh my gosh, this story was so heartbreaking....You won't be disappointed in this book, I know I wasn't. HEA. ★★★★★" ~ Wac Veteran 

"★★★★★ Perfect Ying and yang, so much suspense. So much love....Couldn't put it down" ~ Kindle Ash Reviews