the collection

I've been so very blessed to travel all over the world, and my adventures have undoubtably influenced my writing. Here's some of my personal pictures from places I've been, and the books these journeys have impacted.

Sometimes the locale doesn't make it into the final edited version of the novel—it may just be that this place, or something I saw there, was what influence me for the backstory of a character or storyline. 

London inspired Special Forces Savior

I'll be honest, I was going through a pretty heavy SHERLOCK phase when I wrote SPECIAL FORCES SAVIOR. Molly Humphries, my socially awkward forensic scientist, and her unflinching love for SWAT team leader Derek Waterman, was very definitely inspired by Sherlock and Molly's interaction on the BBC show. 

I may have or have not watched THIS video 500,000 times. These lines:

Sherlock: You see me. 

Molly: I don't count. 

Truly, they inspired the entire book. 

Capri inspired Overwhelming Force

Capri, a gorgeous island off the coast of Italy, influenced the character Joe Matarazzo, a millionaire playboy turned hostage negotiator in OVERWHELMING FORCE, part of my Omega Sector: Critical Response series. Joe has travelled to stunning locales (including Capri!) and has been linked to gorgeous women all over the world, but his life isn't what it seems...