(previously titled: Leverage)


He'd been hired to transport precious cargo—and it put a beautiful twist in his solitary life 


Computer game developer Shelby Keelan has a gift: a photographic memory of anything concerning numbers. When she inadvertently discovers a code linked to terrorist attacks within a popular Internet game, she’s called in by the government to help piece together what she knows.


Pilot Dylan Branson finally has his life the way he wants it: simple, quiet and alone–as far from his covert operation past as he can get. He knows when he’s asked by his previous boss to deliver one tiny package to Omega Sector headquarters that his answer should be no. Especially when that tiny package ends up being a cute and quirky redhead he’s instantly drawn to.


But what should’ve been a routine trip turns into a desperate fight for their lives when someone is determined to see that Shelby and Dylan don’t make it anywhere alive and that the codes in her head are destroyed along with her.



"Crouch delivers nail-biting scenes and hot chemistry..." RT (Romantic Times) Book Reviews, July 2015 Issue


"Just can’t get enough of Janie Crouch! Excellent end to a terrific series." Tamara Matthews (Reviewer)


"I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. I think I read this faster than any other book I have ever read!" Shari J (Reviewer)


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