(previously titled: Leverage)


He was out of the game—alone with his dog. Just the way he wanted it.


Dylan Branson had once been one of Omega Sector’s best agents. He’d walked away after tragedy struck too close to home and became a small aircraft pilot.


But when his old boss asks him for one last favor—fly in vital codes that could stop a terrorist attack and save thousands of lives—Dylan agrees. How hard could one delivery be?


Nobody told him the codes would reside inside the photographic memory of Shelby Keelan, a beautiful computer expert.


She’s deep in a game she never wanted to play.


Shelby has always been better with numbers than people. Numbers don’t hurt, they don’t lie. And they definitely don’t get grumpy at her merely for showing up at the airport like she was told.


But when someone tries to kill her, her bad-tempered sexpot of a pilot pulls out some impressive defensive skills.  And a protectiveness towards her no one has shown in...ever.


Two loners will have to learn to trust each other to survive. And discover how to open their hearts before it’s too late.

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"Crouch delivers nail-biting scenes and hot chemistry..." RT (Romantic Times) Book Reviews, July 2015 Issue


"Just can’t get enough of Janie Crouch! Excellent end to a terrific series." Tamara Matthews (Reviewer)


"I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. I think I read this faster than any other book I have ever read!" Shari J (Reviewer)


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