He knows he failed her once before. This time he’s determined to protect her by any means necessary…

Former police detective Zane Wales won’t let history repeat itself. He couldn’t save the woman he loved from a brutal assault, so he left the force—and Caroline Gill’s life. But now a psychopath has her in his vengeful sights. And the only way Zane can keep the strong-willed paramedic safe is to stay close 24/7—even as their reignited desire burns out of control.

Caroline can finally face down her past by helping Zane catch this perp. And she’ll give Zane all the passionate healing he needs to show they have a future together. But a danger they never saw coming will turn their second chance into a lethal, inescapable trap…


"Volatile action and heated, intense romance with tangible, luscious emotions delivers an alluring tale that was impossible to put down...Loved it!" ~ Books & Spoons

"Riveting story...great book!" ~ Thoughts of a Blond

"Everything you want in a book!" ~ DJC Reviews

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