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(Previously titled: Countermeasures)


The clock was ticking, the enemy was watching… 


At first it looked like a glorified babysitting job: safeguard a scientist while she created a countermeasure to neutralize a dangerous weapon that had fallen into the wrong hands. But when Dr. Megan Fuller's life was threatened, undercover agent Sawyer Branson knew the enemy was closing in. Sticking by Megan 24/7 wasn't something he took lightly, even if Megan didn't seem to appreciate his constant presence.


For a man used to getting any woman he wanted, Megan was a challenge he was coming to enjoy. Because beneath her boxy lab coat and pinned-back hair lay a brilliant and beautiful warrior. And before long, Sawyer's determination to save the world was matched only by the sudden need to make Megan his.


" 4 1/2 STARS - FANTASTIC! Suspenseful drama, fast-paced action and a sensual romance..." - RT (Romantic Times) Book Reviews


"Knocked it out of the park with this series! Started out fast and I couldn't put it down until I finished. The characters and plot are well developed and believable. I'll know now to not start a Janie Crouch book before bed! My new favorite author." - Amha Reviews 


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